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Genting Coach Trip October 7, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Film, Holiday, Random Thoughts, Transport, Travel.

I’m back from my trip. The coach ride was ok, I guess. The seats were not that uncomfortable except that if we were to take it from Singapore to Ipoh, my precious bottom would be sore, my back would be screaming “STRETCH!” and my mind would be thinking, “Are we there yet?”

A pity that we didn’t take a photo of the coach. However, it’s not much of a difference from the ad that Kym Ng and Christopher Lee are featured in. During the trip to and back, we had toilet breaks. Bought a box of bubble gum but didn’t manage to finish them before the trip back. Darn.

It rained after we had checked into our rooms. Took a shower before exploring the buildings. The interconnections are good except that it took us some time to decypher the words. The thing is that we were often spoken to in Cantonese and Bahasa Melayu. I was hoping DD would understand and luckily, he does. Thank the Lord.

We watched Dead or Alive and Rob-B-Hood on the first night. Dead or Alive is based on the XBox game and hence, the babes with all the necessary curves and moves. Story line wise, it’s rather weak with the Princess Kasumi looking for her beloved brother. Christie’s moves were slick. She’s a master thief and her partner, Max, had betrayed her in Hong Kong. The police were in her room just as she was coming out from the bath. The best part is when she knocked all of them out. Smooth.

Rob-B-Hood was more of a comedy. The baby was so cute! His big round eyes and comical expressions. However, it was stated that because of this baby’s unpredictable actions and sleeping habits, the movie was delayed and over-budget. Ouch. When I saw the baby trying to suck from Thong’s nipples, it was really hilarious! Seeing 2 grown men attempting to make him happy was really funny. They sang weird songs not meant for babies but the baby apparently loved it. The part which I loved is when Octopus tried to teach the baby to call him “Mama” and Thong, “Papa”.

The really pitiful character may be the landlord, his wife went crazy with the lost of their baby years ago and he got robbed of his $3 million one night. He was the one who taught Thong and Octopus how to crack safes.

It’s been such a long time since I watched Cantonese movies. I had to read the subtitles most of the time but it was worth watching at RM10 per movie.

The theme parks seemed to have shrunk or I’ve grown taller. Since it was low season, there weren’t many kids running around though this lil guy tried to walk through DD. We tried to avoid them but kids like to stick to DD because he can make funny faces. They will laugh or smile. Cute, huh?

I think it may be time to watch movies in JB. So much more economic.



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