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Seven Wonders of the World October 2, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Gatherings, Random Thoughts.

Finally went to the Chinese Garden for the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival. The queue at the ticketing booths was rather reasonable. We didn’t have to wait too long. Took some photos of the entrance. It’s very difficult to capture the moment if you don’t want to have other people in the picture. Besides, it’s known as voyuerism as someone mentioned in today’s ST Youthlink on taking photos of others without their knowledge or consent. This issue came up because Stomp has a photo of a couple hugging each other and the MRT pole.

I tried to take good and clear ones except that someone else was trying to mar my personal collection with his antics. It wasn’t my DD, he was busy trying to capture the view too. Except, his camera ran out of batteries. Mine ran out after taking 3 of the wonders. Had to buy more to ensure that I’ve captured 7 wonders of the world.

There in the middle of the pond was Chang Er amid the floating lotus flowers. The kids were having fun with some hovering thingy that glowed. I never found out if it was being sold. Maybe it was but they were sold out. The night weather was not too hot or cold. However, we had glowing faces by the last few photos.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. Photos will be uploaded soon.



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