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Wet Day September 30, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Family, Food and Drinks, Random Thoughts.

  [via Flickr uploaded by fotogail]

Today it’s raining cats and dogs. Yesterday was bright and hot. I had to go for my medical checkup this morning. Woke up at 7am. Feeling terribly tired and cranky. To make matters worst, I had put my clothes in the toilet so that I could to the washing. My sister, 早不冲晚不冲 had to choose the moment I was out of it, locked the door to bathe. My cranky mood burst the crankymeter. I was throwing tantrums and putting on a black face. Could have burnt the door.

The worst was yet, she had dumped my clothes on top of the toilet bowl and just left them there. How irresponsible! Cranky turned into violent curses. I was cursing her all morning. Just not in her face. Silent curses do work. Just becareful what the curses are. They may just bounce back one day.

The only consolation was that there wasn’t a lot of people at the clinic. For 9.30am on a Saturday morning, Orchard road sure was crowded. I guess, we’re no longer going to the central after lunch. Tangs has decided to open its doors until midnight every last Friday of the month. For those who are Tangs fans, you may want to take note since most shops close at 9pm or 9.30pm .

It took about 50 minutes for my medical checkup. I wanted to ask my friend out but she had an appointment already. Darn. Well, since I didn’t want to walk around aimlessly, I decided to go home. With nothing at home to munch, I bought some waffles and swiss rolls. Then my lil’ brother won’t complain that there’s nothing to eat at home and that others are saying he’s so thin. The least he could have done is to accompany my mother to buy the stuff that he likes to eat, right?

When I finally got home, it rained heavily. Luckily, I had decided to return home. With so many things to carry, I don’t like to balance things on one hand and the other trying to cover myself using the umbrella in the heavy rain. The rain has become a drizzle. I just hope that it won’t rain tomorrow.



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