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Last Wednesday September 27, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Friendship, Transport.

This is my last Wednesday at my current work place. Hurray! I will miss some of the people. I won’t be missing those who haven’t been, well, I’ll just keep it this way. I’m so happy, next Wednesday, I shall be in Genting! Have to wake up early to get to Golden Mile Complex for the coach though. Wonder if I should get my dad to drive me there, hence, saving the taxi fare 😛

I wonder how I should plan the itinery for the trip. Most probably try to make it to Ripley’s Musuem and casino to check out the jackpots. Not sure if the outdoor and indoor theme parks are worth it. There’s also a water park.

I’m so excited about the holiday. I’m finally going for a short break! I should bring the food to munch on the coach. I just hope that the coach is comfortable enough. It’s too bad that we’d have to pay extra $30 for the super VIP coach. What a rip off. The ad should have stated more prominently instead of in fine print or when we asked.

Oh well, I hope that it won’t mar our excitement for the trip. Can’t wait for next Wednesday!



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