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Good/Bad Bosses September 23, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Random Thoughts.

I’ve been looking back on my past bosses/supervisors. Most of the time, I’ve been under bad bosses mostly guys. The guys tend to lack the skills to lead. The ladies will mother over the subordinates. No wonder when I saw the polls that ask “So, are females better bosses or males?”, I want to click on females.

However, the gender doesn’t really matter on how to be a good boss. Maybe the perspective of a female and a male defers. It’s how they employ the skills or how they wish to connect to their workers. Females tend to be motherly, some going overboard. Males tend to leave it to you and will give options if they have the knowledge.

Mr Angry has a few scenarios on hand. Very interesting comparison, I must say. I definitely agree with him on the fact that respect is to be earned. Though I don’t it was specifically spelt out. His post is more general on the ways a good boss and a bad boss would handle the same situations.

Comparing the gender on whose the better boss is rather stale tactic, I must add. The big picture is not there just by going through the same old study.



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