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I Saw A Drunk September 21, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Transport.

I’ve been doing OT again. Today is the longest yet. I left at 10.30pm. Gosh. I was hoping to leave at 6pm sharp but sometimes when it comes to programming, you’d never know. The transfer took 45 minutes. Sheesh.

Then the bugs started. At least I managed to solve them. The only console is that I can claim taxi fare. On the way, I saw the cars in front stopped suddenly. An old drunk man was crossing the road even with the red man. Boy, was he drunk. He nearly staggered back onto the road just when my taxi was going to past through. It gave me a sad feeling. He looked lonely and unwanted.

Well, unhappiness aside, I’m looking forward to my holiday. I’m just glad that I didn’t insist on going to Thailand. With the coup, things can turn ugly at any moment. Anything happening in SEA, it’s magnified and the impact is huge. No one wants to invest or even visit other countries thinking that Malaysia, China, Singapore is part of Thailand. How can some people’s geography be that bad? Oh yeah, the little dot can’t be seen.



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