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Shocking Discovery September 19, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Food and Drinks, General Sports, Random Thoughts, Studies.

I finally claimed my final 1/2 day time off on Monday afternoon. Went out with my DD after my meeting with the project supervisor. I’d have to change my project idea or go more in-depth. The 3 things I don’t have is very dangerous as my supervisor mentioned. If I don’t have the needed support, I won’t be able to do well. May even fail. Scary thought.

I wanted to buy a new set of swimsuit, well, bikini, in fact. Went to Pine and Pears, is that even the correct name? Tried a few pieces and felt that one of the sets was rather good. DD didn’t think it was good and told me something, the top and bottom prices are different which meant that if the top costs $100, the bottom costs $100, I’d be paying $200 in total. No discounts. Just the minute pieces of clothes covering strategy areas for $200. I nearly fainted at the total cost of my selected design. Luckily DD saved the day. He told the sales girl that we’d look around first. I think I saw her face changed drastically.

I haven’t had my lunch at 2pm because I don’t what I wanted to eat. DD said that one of the complex in Bugis has a lot of vegetarian cafes and restaurants. Darn, forgot the name, it slipped my mind. We went in to one of the restaurants as I felt it looked yummy and no queue. I wanted Hokkien Mee as it’s been quite some time since I had it. For $3.50, the plate looked large except it was shallow. So, I was enjoying my meal since DD had lunch already. I don’t like to eat vegetables cooked by stalls except by my parents. Why? Simple, the vegetables are never washed that clean. I had nearly eaten some dark looking insect which I shudder to find out what species. I think it was during my exam period when I was on long leave. Told my dad since he was the one who bought it. I had eaten halfway that time, lost my appetite after confirming with my dad that it was a cooked insect.

Well, as I was saying, the hokkien mee was nothing special except I discovered a cooked worm or caterpillar, whatever it was. I think I was halfway finished. I had a funny feeling when I was picking my noodles that time. I left it alone because it was green and yellow. It was in sync with the vegetables. I was about to put it into my mouth but something in me reacted, I shook my chopsticks and it fell onto the plate. I took a closer look and casually mentioned to DD that it looked like a worm. He confirmed it. YUCKS!

I lost my appetite at that moment. He called the lady, “小姐,这里有虫。” She came over and looked at it, took the plate for a closer look and merely walked away without saying anything else. No appologies. DD was mad at her but didn’t make a big fuss at that time (told me later when he sent me home). The cashier or the lady boss came over and appologised. She wanted to make me another plate. I shudder at the thought and told her that I was full. She gave my the refund in full.

I ended up buying something else to munch. Decided to go Bugis Village, level 2, straight to The Art of Seduction by Bikini’s Club. It’s a very small shop chock-full of bikinis of all designs. The lady boss isn’t pushy, she’s very knowledgable in her productions. There were 2 girls trying on the different sets who ended up empty handed. I guess they couldn’t decide which to buy or just embarrassed. DD was very patient, bless him. I tried 3 sets. All of which I love except I can’t buy them all. I told the lady boss that I liked them a lot and she offered me advice on the different sets. I ended up buying the pink set because I like the face of the lady on it.

I got a voucher for bikini wax too! Except, I’m not sure if I’d go for it. I heard that you need a lot of nerve and pain threshold for it. *shudders*



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