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What a Hassle September 11, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Food and Drinks, Health and Fitness, Technology and Gadgets.

I’ve been bugged by this user for 3 weeks. I can’t believe it!

First, there was this request for auto-email. I had a lot of difficulties with it initially.

Second, after the implementation of the enhancement, he wanted to stop the emails which were sent twice or three times. Since it was a design problem, I fixed it.

Third, he wanted to know who were the people in the CC list but they should not receive it again since they already have the previous email. Now, where on earth got such email system that does that? If it’s in the CC list, the email has to be sent!

Fourth, he wanted to add a history of emails sent. Well, there is a history except it keeps track of the actions instead of the auto emails.

I don’t know if my skills are not powerful enough or it’s a case of flip flop wants and want nots from this user. He tends to flip flops his wants and want nots by re-phrasing his list everytime we have a discussion.

I can faint from it. I wanted to bang a huge hole in my desk this morning. However, I ended up shredding the papers that are no longer useful. My anger didn’t abate till lunch. I didn’t want to end up with indigestion just because I was feeding anger with my food.

I’ve been doing just this system enhancement for 3 weeks, each time I need to implement, I’ve to stay back after office hours. I hate to stay later than the stipulated working hours since we’re only paid for that number of hours. I know, I know, for IT line, we’re expected to do OT. Yeah, as if we don’t have families, right? For goodness sake, I’ve nothing to eat there. It’s very dark after 7pm. The office can have weird noises at night when you thought that there’s no one around. Yadda yadda.



1. - September 14, 2006

Seems like you’ve a computer idiot on hand. If there’s such a system, we would have seen it on yahoo or hotmail. Though we seems like gods when it comes to programming, we aren’t. There’s a limit to what can be done.

If it’s any comfort to you. You’ve 2 more weeks to go before you leave that sad place!

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