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Travel Ready September 9, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Transport.

I’m cleared for travelling! I have received my new BioPass this morning after travelling by MRT to ICA for 1 hour. Queued to get a number, waited for 15 minutes to get to the counter. Another 5 minutes to scan my thumbprints. Finally, me is ready to book travel tickets! XD

I’m crazy, right? So happy about a passport. I guess I am. I haven’t been to other countries since my last trip to Australia in 2003. 3 years of studying part time and working full time sure ate up the resources for travelling. Except, I can’t go to UK, US or Korea because of budget. Darn.

Anyway, I can travel to Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong or Taiwan. I hope so. With the new job in place, I want to go for holiday before the start of my new workplace. Won’t be able to take any leaves for 3 months, so I must make full use of what I can now.



1. - September 11, 2006

Now is a matter of going where? Haha.

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