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Should It Be Like That? September 8, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts, Transport.

Just wondering if there’s really a need for bullet-proof BMWs for the delegates for IMF. Isn’t it a little too much for a country that does not allow citizens to own fire weapons? First, the very expensive gifts for the delegates and spouses, now bullet-proof BMWs for key delegates?

The 15-minute arrival clearance for them may be giving them the wrong impression that our airport is very efficient, everyone will clear in 15 minutes. What if those delegates are so impressed that; especially those who are here for the 1st time, they think that they will clear the customs in 15 minutes the next time they decide to come here for a holiday? Will they decide to kickup the customer’s king fuss attitude?

The flowers being planted along Orchard Road is another question mark. Once the IMF is over, the flowers will be up-rooted. When the delegates arrive for the 2nd time as holiday, won’t they wonder?

Are we going all out just to impress them this once? Why are we making so much efforts only when such events arrive? Where are the efforts being published in ST? It’s to broadcast, what else can be the reason? It is just a good excuse to broadcast the efforts and put the people’s photos in the newspapers so that others will know, “Oh, so he/she is the one.” Orh, Sweet Potato.

Maybe I’m just green with envy that I’m not part of it. My photo won’t be published. Sour grapes, right? Maybe. However, I’m just turned off that the flowers are only decorating Orchard Road for a short while and not permanently.



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