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Shoes by Crocs and IMF September 6, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Gatherings, Random Thoughts.

I went down to Marina Square to try out the ballet inspired shoes by Crocs. They didn’t feel that good on me. The 1st size I tried, my right toes felt squeezed. Upped the size by 1 and the right foot could easily slip out whereas my left foot fit in just nicely. Now, how to buy covered shoes like that?

There are other models, I’ve the flip flops which I love. The cushion’s simply nice and comfy. The boots look good enough but I’m hesitated to buy them because I don’t think I’ve the ocassion to wear them. It’s not as if it snows here. Although they would be very useful when it rains heavily. The feet are still dry.

The roads are now closed at Suntec and MS due to IMF. My DD would like to avoid going there for the next few weeks which I would agree. It’s a hassle when you have your own transport but can’t park there because 16,000 delegates and spouse (the numbers include the spouses or not?) will be there. They have the best treatments, from gifts worth at least $1600 to the shortest arrival check-in time at the airport.

The lady spouses have $819 pen encased with Taka Jewellery diamonds, shawl, and not sure what else. The male spouses have $500+ tie pin and don’t know what else. How nice. Too bad, my DD is not one of the delegates. Neither am I the spouse of the delegate. Just one thing, I wonder if life’s stressful as the delegate. Maybe.



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