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Ultimate Decision September 4, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Friendship.

I finally submitted my tender this morning. I felt a sense of release after submitting it. I guess anyone who has done it before would feel the same way. I don’t have to endure such nonsense and stuck-ups there anymore. Well, maybe not totally because you never know when you might just meet your worst nightmare again. One lesson learnt, never hate someone so totally that he/she would appear again somehow in your life. I try to release the past hatred that I’ve encountered in a place because I definitely don’t want to meet such people again. Just makes my life more miserable than it is.

There’s a sense of loss at the same time because the colleagues you’ve been familair with would no longer be working with you. You will try to meet up but the schedules will clash in some ways so it takes a lot more effort to meet up. Hopefully, I would be able to attend a wedding dinner of a certain ex-colleague.

The discussion with the head was supposed to take place, in a way, I’m glad it didn’t because I didn’t want to submit to her 1st. The reaction was surprise, that’s normal. I didn’t want to consider anything that she tried to offer to me because I’ve seen the rest. They had requested for transfer but two of them still got transferred back. In the end, one left. The other one is considering to leave.

The point is that the stress has gotten unmanageable such that people are no longer contributing to the team. I read the list of people who have left. They called it the survivor series. Most of the remarks said “left”. Only a few stated “transfered out”. Looks like mine will make it to the list next month. Total would be 33 including me.



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