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New Wifi and Lost Slipper September 3, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Mobile Phone, Technology and Gadgets, Television.

The idea was to go to Comex, buy the router and set it up at my DD’s place. We met at 9.30am for breakfast and walked around the shopping mall to see if there’s anything to buy. Since there wasn’t anything lacking, we didn’t buy anything.

As my DD wanted to watch his morning show at 11.30am, we went back. Set off for the airport to park the motorbike since it’s free parking for my DD. The idea was to park there, take the MRT to Expo and buy the router, take the MRT to Airport and ride the bike back to DD’s place. We did all that. Took about 2 to 3 hours for my DD to decide what router to buy. By then, I was very hungry, my stomack was growling loudly. DD finally bought the Linksys router.

We were on our way to the MRT station and somehow DD got the idea that we were to rush into the train just before it closed. I got pulled and had to run so that my hand would still be intact. It was intact, the only part; I tripped in the gap between the train and the platform. Lost my slipper in the process. My right foot was hurt but it wasn’t bleeding. At least I didn’t fall flat on my face. In addition, it wasn’t my Crocs slippers that I was wearing. However, I was only left with my left slippers. The passengers were very polite not to laugh out loud at my lost. DD was laughing while I was upset. Still had the cheek to laugh. I didn’t want to rush into the train just because I was very hungry. After the lost, I wasn’t hungry anymore.

I had to walk barefooted from the airport MRT to Terminal 2 itself. The station masters asked if we could wait till midnight in order to retrieve my slipper. I was thinking since the slippers looked like they were going to be gone case after a few more wearing, I gave my slippers the silent goodbye. Luckily there was a shop selling shoes. I had to buy a new pair. DD had to pay for it since he was part of the cause. I was still upset but not at him. Just that I didn’t intend to buy any new shoes at the moment.

We went to DD’s place to help him set up the new router. The only part that I didn’t do was to shift the modem, I just connected the connection from the modem to the router. After that, I had to configure the router. Except, I didn’t change the IP. I used D-Link, so the setup UI is different from mine. At least the wireless worked. DD was so happy and tried using N80 to connect to it too. The setback? The long 26 WEP hexadecimal key to connect to the protected wireless. Well, that’s the price for security.



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