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School Daze August 31, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Family, Friendship, Games, Relationships, Romance/ Love, Studies.

Teacher’s Day is tomorrow. I haven’t seen my teachers for a long time. I still remember my Geography and Art teacher during my secondary school days. Both are good friends. I heard that the Geography teacher married a few years back. Or was it the Art teacher? Wonder if she has any kids now.

I miss the days when we were just in class and making fun of the Chinese teacher. None of us liked her because she was simply too biased. I wonder if she has retired now. Most of the teachers have either transfered out to other schools or had just quit teaching.

I can’t believe that 10 years have passed since we graduated with ‘O’ levels. I first learnt playing 5 stones in secondary school. I am not an expert but I can still play it abeit less deft with my hands now. It was simple fun just sitting at the back of the classroom bonding with the classmates whom we have gotten along so well.

The 4 years in school seem to fly by so quickly. Some of us have married since, some still looking for Mr Right. It can be a neverending search for Mr Right if we always feel that he has this but not that. Fate plays a part but in the end, it’s our heart and minds that will decide if Mr Right or Ms Right is the one whom we want to spend our lives with.

Saw the students on the roads during lunch time and really envy them. They can go home at 12pm. I still have to work today and tomorrow because I no longer qualify as a student. Maybe it’s when we’ve gone through some rough patches that we learn from there. Like when your mother prevents you from playing near the stove when she’s cooking. You won’t know that burnt skin is painful until you touch it. Never play with knives because the cut can be deep and painful too.



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