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Last Monday of August August 28, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Just For Fun, Talent Showcase, Television, Transport.

Today is the last Monday of August. Wonder what went on for this month. Basically, I’ve been to the office at 6am on a Sunday and did some testing. Went home at 8am. The bus driver sure took his time. I was about to flag a taxi when it arrived.

I finally got home at 9am. Had to take some breakfast before I went to bed. Flipped the newspapers before sleeping. Oh boy, it sure was a much needed rest. Slept late on Saturday night because was spending a wonderful evening with my DD.

Today was a day where I had to rectify an error and plan how to conduct more testing for the systems that are being moved to the new servers. I hate testing because we still have to provide support and modifications at the same time. Where got time to do so many things when we have to chase for the documentation sign offs, conduct trainings, attend meetings and don’t know what else. There is absolutely no time for self upgrade.

My last training was cancelled and I don’t want to ask for it again. It’s just tiring. I’m afraid that it’d be cancelled again because I’ve this feeling that something new will come in at the “right” time and I will be in charge of it. It can be flattering but it’s not easy of I’ve to modify or enhance the systems that I know nuts about.

I’ve been so moody for the past few weeks except when I’m not at work. Oh yeah, there’s still the school project for my honours. Darn. At least this is easier to handle.



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