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Entertaining Guests August 27, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts, Relationships.

I didn’t realise how boring my home can be. Nothing to do for guests except the Internet, unfortunately, the PC is down at the moment. Didn’t want to take the time to buy a replacement graphics card yet.

Well, maybe I should get some games such as Cluedo, Charades, or something for guests to play. However, is that what my guests want? Mahjong is not for everyone and neither does my home have a mahjong set. I’ve a deck of poker cards. Maybe I don’t play them that much and thus the things that are around are not being utilised. Silly me.

I need to attend a class called “How to Entertain Your Guests Even When You Don’t Seem to Have Anything“. Quite a mouth, eh?

I’ve XBox but I don’t play it that often and the games are too darn expensive. Nevertheless, there are some games to be played. Provided you are not particular about them. I have Monopoly except that it’s kept somewhere because no one uses it for family bonding. Come to think of it, the Internet has been monopolising our free time. I’m currently blogging, my little brother is using his laptop to play CS or whatever it is. The XBox is being utilised by the brother who accidentally made the PC fall.

Gee. My DD absolutely refuse to come if there’s nothing to do except TV. How sad. I remembered someone saying about building rapport. I must find a way to entertain guests.



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