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Health and New Passport Application August 19, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Food and Drinks, Health and Fitness, Random Thoughts.

Thankfully my sore throat now seems better today. However, I must still curb my cravings for any fried foods and tit bits. Darn. I haven’t found the potota chips that I love, small square pieces that costs $1 per packet. I love them salty. Used to be quite abandant. Oh well, now with this tender throat, I might as well not buy. Can see but can’t eat. Torture lei.

I took my new passport photo in the morning and finally managed to submit the decent photo to ICA. Hopefully it will be accepted and I can finally have the new Biometric passport. $70 for 5 years since it’s online. $80 if I send by post. If there’s a way to save the cost, I will do anything 😛

Anyway, I still have to do something about my thumbs. I’ve been using the oily cream since May and they do feel less hard. Maybe I have to curb my subconscious pulling away the dead skins. Itchy hands, with stress, I tend to just destroy myself. Scary habit. My thumbs are needed for the new passport! Have to make sure they look decent enough. Double darn.

One thing, I noticed that my toe nail is finally out. It is very short and jagged but at least it is growing. Whew. I was afraid that it wouldn’t grow. Have to drink the milk again. It’s also said that vitamin D helps with the calcium absorption better. Well, I don’t think the with the ozone layer being thin I should start standing under the hot sun. I don’t want to get heatstroke trying to create vitamin D in order to absorb calcium!



1. - August 21, 2006

So exciting to own a biometric passport.

By the time your passport expire, mine is still valid for another year! Haha

JEALOUS? Hehe. Mine is cheaper than yours..

2. WishBoNe - August 23, 2006

No need to be jealous. Mine just happens to expire around this time. So the time is just right, except, they shouldn’t have put 5 years. 10 years should be good enough.

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