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Busy Day August 18, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts.

An hour after starting work, a user wanted to get access to a module and I was busy hunting the administrator. Sometimes I wish that things can be done faster if I am the one doing it. So much easier since I know what to do. Unfortunately, the workplace does not work like that. I have my so-called dedicated role to perform.

At the same time, I sent a document for review and got it back in the afternoon for amendments. I had to do checking for some of the items in it. In the end, I couldn’t send the final report to the user who was supposed to review and sign.

Lunch was complain time as usual. We would sit there and talk about the day’s events and give our views on certain people. A quote made by my colleague, “If you’re happy about the job, you won’t have much to gripe about. However, if you’re not happy and start to complain a lot, it’s time to start looking for another.” Rather apt I must say. We can always try to look for another job but sometimes, it depends whether we would be eligible for that position that we really want to take on. Sometimes it also depends on ourselves if we’re willing to move out of our comfort zone.



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