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Mood Swing and Feeling Fat Aain August 16, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Random Thoughts.

Not sure what’s going on today. I seem to be in a mood swing. Lousy because I have to work and that nasty bug hard to kill. It was only in the late afternoon when I asked a colleague for help that the bug was squashed. So my mood was better.

After that, had to get the users for their acceptance and the approval for changing the implementation date. My mood was more or less better. I am finally relieved that some achievement has been made.

Attended a tea party in the office at the end of the day because we had achieved the ISO with good grades or whatever that is. Took a mango yoghurt cake, very nice. It wasn’t too large a piece and I still had room for other pastries. Unfortunately, I took something chocolatey with cheese and became full. Very filling. Drank the 3 different flavoured tea, Turkish Cider, Majestic Queen and Passion Green Tea. I preferred the Turkish Cider with its sour taste and slightly sweet aftertaste. I should have taken the green tea when it was just 20 minutes hot. When I drank it an hour later, the taste was bitter. Majestic Queen was bitter too. Luckily, I poured only less than half a cup. There was sugar but in cubes and I didn’t know how sweet it was, so I juz drank the tea as fast as I could without scalding my tongue.

The caterer has a dine-in in Esplanade. Anyone who wants to try it can go to The V Tea Room, Liqueur Teacake Boutique, Esplanade Mall, 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-02/04, Singapore 039802. Call 6333 1965 for reservations.

They are rather good with the setup. There were my favourite flowers, rose petals and yellow lilies. Except for the cookies, the food are all individually placed on plates. I should have taken some photos because the overall look felt like I was attending a buffet for a wedding reception or ROM 🙂

I feel fat again! Another farewell lunch at the end of the month 😦 I still can’t have mine!



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