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In A Dilemna August 9, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Mobile Phone, Technology and Gadgets.

I’m in a delimna. Between SE K800i and Dopod 838pro, that is. I can’t believe that a PDA phone equiped with 3G functions including video call is really for sale! I had been wanting to get a PDA phone with video calls and it’s coming true!

So why am I in a fix? Basically it’s all due to the price. As K800i is not a PDA phone, the price is definitely cheaper than 838pro. K800i wins 838pro hands down in the camera department. However, I’ve a Canon A95, so it’s not the camera that is the issue. I like to have better calendar functions. Carrying a PDA and a handphone around all the time does not appeal to me.

Buying 838pro will allow me to buy a new PC. Not that I need another. It’s just that I have never spend more than $1000 for a handphone. Well, this is a PDA-cum-3G-cum-video call handphone for goodness sake. It even includes a QWERTY keyboard which other PDAs do not have. Very good for me because I use SMS a lot, daily to an extent. My bills!

The current grouse is that the weight of 838pro is a vast difference from my previous gadgets. Hopefully, future PDA-3G handhelds will reduce the weight and the width slightly smaller for my hands.

I hope to test a working 838pro soon. If I am really in love with it, you may see it in my possession soon 😀



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