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Praying to Ancestors August 6, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts.

Woke up very early today as it’s the second death anniversary of my maternal grandfather. I’m not sure if I can remember the number of the anniversary in future. Took a bath and debated if it was worth trying to log on. Decided that I wasn’t going to spend 30 minutes trying to switch on the modem and wait for my laptop to boot up and shutdown. It’s been slowing down lately, due to it’s age, coming to 2 years. So sad. I love using it.

I’d have to do some clean up on it soon. Defragmentation has little use. I think I’ve installed too many junk software in the past. Uninstallation is useless because of the resident memory. I’ve uninstalled quite a number of software that I no longer use.

Before we proceeded to my 大舅’s place, we went for breakfast. While waiting for the prata to arrive, my dad was saying that when 公公 was celebrating his 51st birthday, I was already 1 year old. His meaning is very simple. He is reaching mid 50s and is no where near to having a chance to hold a grandchild. My youngest brother knows his meaning immediately, so did I. It’s not easy to manage a family and it’s not possible to have a child when there’s no husband. I can’t produce one out of thin air!

We took our time to pay respects to the parents of my maternal grandmother, I think that’s who they were, I’m lousy with such deep relationships. Mount Vernon is being close soon, I wonder where we will be going the next time. Mandai Crematorium was next. It was very crowded being a Sunday. It was 1.10pm by the time we returned to my aunt’s place. There was again a lot of food at there. They love to cook a lot of food when there are people going. I feel so embarrassed and fat (have to eat to give face, you know?).

Since I wasn’t feeling that hungry, I ate a little. They have new board games which I’ve never played before, Backgammon, Pegs (the one with 6 different colours, not sure if it’s the correct name), Domino, Chess, Harry Potter Chess and not sure what else all rolled into a box. Claims to have 12 games, I didn’t count them.

I didn’t catch any movies today because the timings were too late or we were 20 minutes late. Could have watched The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift or Click if the shows were shown at a more reasonable timing. The movies are at least more than 1.5 hours and watching them at 9.30pm is ridiculously late. Hopefully, will be able watch either one soon.



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