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National Day Fireworks August 5, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Random Thoughts.

National Day’s coming. It’s on a Wednesday. I still have to work full days on the other weekdays. So boring. Although the break in between is nice, I feel it’s not enough. Maybe I’m just sick of work and hence, wishing for more breaks so that I don’t have to work so hard and stressed out.

I hope the fireworks are beautiful this year. Last year was good. The August 12 with musical theme seems exciting. I hope to be able to watch it. I guess a million other people are going to crowd at the Esplande to watch it too. Tonight is the start of the 1st theme. Forgot what’s it called but I haven’t found anyone who might want to watch the fireworks. My friends haven’t contacted me. Maybe they’re out with their darlings to watch and with me there, the fireworks won’t be romantic anymore, I guess.

Or maybe they don’t like to join the crowd to watch and may have booked a hotel to watch from a more comfortable point of view. Another guess is that they are not free. It’s too bad the only person whom I really want to watch the fireworks with, is not free. I shall have to see if my mom wants to watch. If not, I’ll be at home doing something.



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