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Conquer Thy Fears August 2, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings.

Really wonder how some people have the courage to face such a big crowd and don’t know them at all, still can speak confidently! I really admire them. Hosting at a shopping mall is no mean feat. I would stutter or just plain clam up if I were to face such anonymous crowds. I am no good at public speaking. It’s something that I can’t face it. It keeps coming back to haunt me.

During lunch today, one of my boss said about her mentor telling her that no matter how difficult the situation is, you still have to face it. You may be able to escape this round but subsequently, you’d still face the same situation again. It’s like you hate to talk to this user because he/she is too demanding and you simply can’t find a way around it except to bend to his/her wishes.

Another example is that you really hate public speaking but somehow the work you’re doing has public speaking in it which you don’t wish to be included but it’s part of the scope. You love the job but hate the speaking to unknown people, what should you do? Another colleague said bulldoze through it. What a fine idea except that I haven’t conquered my fear of standing in front of a dozen people and talk to all of them, with their eyes on me. It sure feels hot.



1. - August 2, 2006

Just imagine that there’s only 1 person in the group. You can’t hide 4ever. Have to face your fears someday.

If you are well prepared for your presentation there’s nothing to fear. Practice make perfect.

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