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Rising Transport Fares July 26, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Transport.

After the hikes in taxi fares, bus and MRT fares are set to have hikes too. They are even set to do it regularly!

With the silly petrol and diesel rising in such appalling numbers, all transport has been hit badly. It’s already 64 cents for distance of about 3 bus stops, how much more are they going to get from us poorly paid salaried workers?

My weekly transport fares has been doing nothing except rise and rise. The service of the bus drivers have plumented. This morning, this bus driver must have been late for his scheduled route, he didn’t notice me running in my heels after the bus and drove off after the last passenger has boarded it. A lady saw me and pressed the bell but he concentrated on meeting his scheduled run. Thanks miss but he is one bull-headed driver. He drove very fast too.

My main grouse is that the unpredictable road traffic can affect the run of that particular bus. When 2 buses of the same number arrive at the same time, the 3rd bus is going to be a long wait, about 20 minutes to 40 minutes. No wonder we take taxis. Now that taxi fares have gone up, I don’t know how many more people are going to take them when they are running late.

Some bus drivers have a bad habit of stepping on the brake after every 100m. That brings out my motion sickness which I thought I had out-grown it. Apparently, such lousy driving brings it back again.

Other drivers have the worst habits of speeding all the way and when it’s too near the red light, the step on the brake hard a few times and making the 1st time he/she brakes, the standing passengers fall over one another and apologizing to one another. The bus driver just keeps quiet. How rude when it’s none of the passengers’ fault. Why should we be the one doing the apologies when it’s clearly the driver’s fault?



1. - July 27, 2006

Remind me the scary ride of Bus 27. The driver can curb corner using a bus! I was so worried I can’t get home safely.

From T2 to reach Tampines only 10mins! You can imagine how fast he is driving. Maybe 80km/hr?

Just glad I got my ride back.

2. WishBoNe - July 27, 2006

Good thing you got it back 🙂

3. Youths’ Views on Transport « A Mind of My Own - November 2, 2006

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