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Shopping Can Be Fun Too July 24, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts.

Shopping cart [via Flickr uploaded by prettyjjbean]

Sometimes it’s difficult to find someone who will stroll through the shops with you. I like to detour but my brothers hate to do that. They prefer to target the shop that sells the stuff that they need and go home after that.

What for I go all the way to the shopping centre and target selected shops to buy the stuff and just go home? Might as well take the opportunity to look around slowly and maybe discover something new like new food stall, new shop selling trinkets, new service or under renovation for new shops.

Why can’t they enjoy the shopping experience? Well, maybe the backaches, sore soles, aching legs and tiredness. I hate the after effects but love the stroll through the shops and have some latte or drinks in between for rest.

It’s very rare for guys to even agree to walk through all the shops with girls. They (guys) usually end up outside the shop and the mood (for the girls) to stroll just disappears. No wonder I always ask my mum only or if my gal friends are free, I will ask them out too.

So, if a guy don’t mind strolling through all the shops with you, he is a gem. I like that 😀



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