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Up Early On A Sunday Morning July 23, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career.

It sure feels funny to be up at 4am just to go to the office on a Sunday morning. I felt tired. Could be partly due to the fact that I don’t want to go there on any day other than the official working hours stipulated.

I was one of the first to arrive. The main entrance was dark save for the lights near the life lobby. It felt eerie and cold. Was it because it was nearly 6am? Maybe. At least most of the lights were on. I would have just turned tail if none of them was on. The sun was not up yet and even if it was, there were no windows to make the place less cold and dark.

We completed our test list by 8.10am. Which was a relief. The air-con wasn’t switched on because I think no one informed the building maintenance guy. As for the administrator who came in at 1am, I think he was even more tired than us. He had to wait for our tests to be completed before he could call it a day morning.

I decided to have a more fulfilling breakfast with 2 of my colleagues. We went to McDonald, I wanted the breakfast hotcakes badly and ordered it. It’s nice to have such things on certain days. The taste would feel better than if you take it everyday. It will lose its appeal.

We started talking about workplaces that we have worked in before except for one because this is his first job. We talk about how much we have learnt in this place and previous workplaces. We both agreed on one thing. We get to have more hands-on for the servers than in this current workplace. We both like that experience because it also means that we are not just stuck with one skill. We would have more skill exposure.

This also means that I have to work harder to get to another environment although I learnt quite a few stuff here.



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