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Working Out The Finance Together July 9, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Family, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Romance/ Love.

Count money  [via Flickr uploaded by Hugo*]

We’d never be certain about the future. It’s in the palm of our hands. My dad once told me, if can get married earlier is best. No one is sure about what will happen, will we be rich or poor? He didn’t have enough to invite his friends or mom’s friends. However, inviting the close relatives was a must.

Both my parents have been through thick and thin, good times and bad times together. My mom’s very supportive of my dad. They may disagree on some things but they still work them out together as stated by the marriage vows.

Marriage is no joking or light matter. It’s sacred and is meant to be treasured even if it’s just a piece of paper you’re legally married. It’s not just the paper stating that. Marriage is like a clap that needs two hands.

No one can be sure that we won’t be poor because of the heavy taxes, and many other payments they will come along. No one can be sure of how many kids they will have. My parents didn’t really plan for 4 of us either. We can plan a lot of things but the road in life is not straight like what my friend told me the other time.

Life has obstacles. We need the courage to overcome them. Our partners are there for us so that we can tackle them together. Financial woes are always in our lives. It doesn’t matter at what point in life. The only matter is that 2 people are going to work out the problems together.

Inflation is high. We can’t control it, can we?



1. - July 9, 2006

We can’t help it if your other partner lost their way and are too stubborn to ask for directions.

We can only get out and make more friends. Cross our fingers that “THE ONE” is among them.

Our era are so different from our parent’s. Nowadays couples just decided to go their separate ways if things aren’t working out. What marriage vows are there to talk about.

If one is not ready to get married better think twice before jumping into the pit. It’s either you are enjoying the life after or suffering for eternally.

2. WishBoNe - July 11, 2006

That is why marriage counsellors are there. Maybe there is hope for a change of line.

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