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Wasted Saturday July 8, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts.

I was having jolly good fun with my friends yesterday evening when my handphone rang. It was the boss. I knew it wasn’t a good thing and it wasn’t. She was telling me about the user wanting (maybe only) to view the changes on Monday morning. She wanted me to work on it today. WTF? My toenail has to be checked and possibly removed and I wanted to rest after the removal. I had to work on a Saturday?!

I was so turned off. I had not choice but to agree. However, I told her I had to see the doctor before going, she asked what time I could get to the office. Didn’t even asked me why I need to see the doctor. She asked me only today. Fish.

The original plan was that I was assigned only to change the graphics and replace the links. I did all of them. She discovered that the alignment of the data, old icons not replaced because someone left them out, cosmetic changes, etc. I ended up doing at least 5 hrs in the office, 4 hrs more than I had originally planned. More fish.

I can only claim the taxi and some meal allowance. It ain’t gonna compensate my Saturday. She said she’ll give me time off. Well, she can’t give me the whole day as time off, can she? I wasn’t caring about that, what I cared about at the moment was my poor toe which was bleeding a bit from the removal of the nail. Infection had set in despite my care not to wet it.

11am to 5.30pm ain’t fun. It’s not the first time they called me on a Friday evening to call me back to work on Saturday. If it’s alternate Saturday for work, I can’t complain, can I? It’s a 5-day work week for goodness sake!

Why the heck can’t the users be more reasonable? Wait, I forgot, we’re just vendors to them, they don’t care about how we do it as long as it gets done. Fish, fish, fish!

The only good thing is that the doctor made the removal painless, though not totally because I had to get the injection before he could remove the whole nail. The injection was painful. There’s still the after effects. Ow.



1. - July 9, 2006

Yucks Double Yucks.

Hope your toe is getting better!

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