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Self Censorship July 8, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Film, Friends Blogging, Random Thoughts, Television, Transport.

Mr Brown’s column in Today has been suspended because he was just voicing out 小人物的心声, rising transport fares and no wage increase in sight. Well, the latter is just my opinion. There are some things that need to be decreased but no movement because they’re lucrative in a way. How sad.

Money is hard to earn. It’s so much easier to just send it all. Most of our pay are monthly, some bi-monthly. Well, a short movie done by other bloggers based on this current topic has been made.

There’re a lot of things that we have to be careful about and blogging is still in the limelight. Maybe one day, the others can just accept our postings as our opinions and not as a way to make trouble. Although some are just out to make trouble but discretion must be exercised. Just as watching “A Light Affair”, there is this fine warning on the corner of the screen saying “Viewers discretion”.



1. - July 9, 2006

What he said is true in some ways. Things had been increasing. I still can get a bowl of noodles for $2 some decades ago.

Now? A bowl of noodles cost about $3 – $4 depending where you are dining.

Can’t imagine how much it would cost in another decade.

2. WishBoNe - July 11, 2006

One day, we’ll be like Japan, a bowl of noodles is going to cost $10.

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