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Messy Thoughts of The Day July 4, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, General Sports, Random Thoughts, Transport.

The WAGs are leaving, England and Brazil has done the unthinkable; being out of the World Cup. I guess those who have betted on both countries to get into the semi-finals are now scrambling to recoup their losses. Those who didn’t like the WAGs’ outrageous behaviour are now very happy that they are no longer in Germany.

Are the English and Brazilians losing their edge? It would seem so. They may be the hot favourites but their performances have been critisized quite a lot for the past few weeks. Frankly speaking, I don’t know what to think of it since it’s all based on others’ views and opinions.

Currently, my life’s as interesting as the pile of clothes and stuff that’s still stuck in my room. I would need to separate the clothes that I don’t wear anymore to a box. I would also need to clear the stuff that is in my boxes so that I won’t have to keep buying new ones, although they are much better, the bottom is flat instead of raised the places where the wheels are. Just because they are better doesn’t mean I’ve to keep buying. Must. Control.

If I keep buying more stuff, I’m going to end up sorting them out between the “often in use” and “no longer in use”. The irony of life. We will buy things that replace the old or spoilt ones but still end up in the recycle bin after a while. Sometimes I wonder why on earth did we invent clothes? Oh, for winter. But not all countries have ultra cold winters what.

Oh, for protecting against sand storms. Yeah, for countries with deserts, they sure come in useful.

Life is really unfair. There’s this guy who broke into a bungalow and tried to murder a maid. If found guilty, he would be jailed for life for attempting murder. However, the British who murdered 2 people, he got jail for 24 years.

Taxi fares are up again. The fuel has been rising and it’s affecting everyone. Next would be bus fares and MRT. How irksome. I don’t have enough for my 家用 and the wages I get ain’t enough for me to support six people’s appetites and other whims. Why in the world are the salaries still the same?!

Something light hearted about aniblogs, not sure if it’s coined by the blogger but it means that the blogs are about anime. The author laments that new blogs are not editorial enough. I wonder, are those new ones just riding on the wave?



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