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Perils Around Us July 3, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts.

It would seem that money is the root of all problems. Rome’s famous ancient monument is in peril because of the roots that are splitting the stones. They need money in order to carry out the saving. However, it’s not enough even when the authorities get to keep 80% of the tickets sold to upkeep the site.

The famous 钓鱼岛 is once again under the limelight. This time, between South Korea and China. Previously, it was Japan vs South Korea. The island is lucrative mainly because of it abundant supply of marine food. Japan has issued a warning that tell them to get away from the island.

India is fighting a battle that is also invading China, HIV/AIDS. One woman said that she is telling the women to insist that their clients must wear condoms. This woman besides working as a fruit seller, she’s also supplementing her income by being a prostitute without her family’s knowledge and a peer counsellor.

The war on terrorism is still on. I wonder when Osama Bin Laden will be found. Either dead or alive. Why on earth are there still people believing him that there can be peace only if the people who are so-called against Muslims be killed? How do they know who to kill in the first place? If the racists were that against them, they would have tried to resist the kidnapping in the first place and not plead with in front of the video camera for mercy before their throats were cut off like chickens. Did any of the killings achieve anything? All it did was to prompt the aggressive war on the jihad. I wonder if this will ever be resolved.



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