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Chain Letters June 28, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emails, Emotions & Feelings.

We all have been victims of chain letters. It started out with mails when the Internet was not that popular or even known. I had to copy all the words out and add in my name. Silly me, there was nothing to gain and yet something made me do it. Took me a while to stop that nonsense.

Only to start again with emails this time in poly. I didn’t realise it because that email sounded genuine. It wasn’t, it was a hoax and got my mailbox suspended. I never did it again except send chain letter emails to my friends.

The appeal would start out with some sob story and a heart-wrenching photo of a missing child. Apparently, the story are made up and added on with the photos of kids who are innocent looking. I don’t know how they manage to come up with such sob stories and the photos either.

This afternoon, my colleague was analysing the piano teacher story where this kid who goes by the name of Robby, is musically challenged. He managed to play Mozart’s Concerto #21 in C Major and brought the house down at a recital.

This colleague was analysing the feelings of such achievements, what if Robby hadn’t performed that fantastically? Would the teacher still hug him and say, “You’ve done your best.”? I was arguing with that colleague that the story is real. Hence, my search to prove it. This was the second time that I’ve read this story. I bought the sob story twice. I must admit that I was taken in. The story isn’t real. It’s a big, fat hoax!

Now, I ain’t gonna eat my words because the argument wasn’t about it being real. It was about the feelings that seemed to be flawed. I won’t go further into this because I don’t understand why my colleague is so analytical about feelings and emotions.



1. Law - June 28, 2006

The harsh reality of life had harden our heart.

We build walls around ourselves to protect us from being hurt in anyway.

It’s better to hurt you than let others hurt yourself right?

2. WishBoNe - June 30, 2006

Sometimes, the walls crumple down.

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