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Sales Everywhere and Handicraft June 26, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Books, Random Thoughts.

The GSS is here and I haven’t really bought new clothes. Maybe some new shoes. And more earrings. 7 new pairs just fresh from yesterday. They vary from 90¢ to $2.90 (3 for $7.50, bargain right? I bought 3 pairs) Maybe when I’m in the mood, I’ll just take the photos and post them up.

Since I was at Best, I decided to take a lot at the sewing machines. The computerised ones just fasinate me because the variety of stitched available just solve the problem of twisting and turning the cloth around. I don’t even have to draw anything on it! However, the cost is a problem. The aunty told us (my mum was with me) that we can trade in our old sewing machine to have further discount of $100. The cost came to about $799. Sounds like an 8-MP digital camera to me.

However, my mum was hesitating because we don’t use the sewing machine much. Well, when the sewing machine works sometimes and fails to work most of the time, I ain’t gonna spend the entire day trying to make it work. The current one was given by my uncle to my mum as part of her dowry. She feels bad to just trade it in. Anther question was that since we don’t use the sewing machine so much, are we going to utilise the new one?

My reply was that we tend to use new stuff more, 新的马桶比较好用 (read in hokkien not literally :D). Since my mum was going to think about it, I might just harp about it for the next few days. Actually, I was prepared to pay for it, just that maybe not the whole price, expensive lei! Still, I think I might just buy it, just think about the range of stitches available!

When my friends knew, the same question they posted to me, “Why on earth would you need a sewing machine for? You sew ah?” Only one posted the next question, “You learning to be a good wife?” Well, a good wife doesn’t need to be able to sew and cook. I wonder why guys tend to have a one-sided view of good wives? Ok, it was said in jest, no harm done.

What I want to do is just to try out something else with my hands. I’ve tried cross-stitch, failed miserably, either the stitches were one too many or one less. I’ve tried knitting, didn’t have the eye and coordination for making a more complex knitted piece. I’ve also tried crochet and failed to make a small, simple pouch. The best I do with my hands so far is still in writing or origami. Dang, forgot to borrow one with origami just now.

There’re 3 new shops selling clothes from $3 onwards. The downside? No trying. I don’t think I want to risk that.

Creative had a warehouse sale just yesterday. I didn’t realise it until I checked CNetAsia. What a waste, however, it wasn’t a total waste because I don’t know what I want to buy. Although the new Zen V Plus does sound intriging. Unfortunately, the 4GB version is not sold here. I would like to buy Zen Vision or Zen Vision:M. At this moment, it’s not that of an urgent crisis. Maybe when something really catches my eye and heart later, would I go out and buy.



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