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Compilation & They Got Published June 24, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Family, Technology and Gadgets.

I'm not the sort who will go in depth into blogging. I just do my own stuff of putting up links where they interest me. Lorelle has compiled and added some links in his blog (assumming it's a guy) on how to compile a series of intra-links in a post to those yet to be published posts. I must say, I never though of that, my usual links are those that have been posted or websites that I found of interest to me.

It would seem that all the news are now 1st found by bloggers who would quote them in their posts. I seem to be the last one to know. Yet, the news would not have spread because not all of them are of interest to the general public. Bloggers who have deep interest in certain areas would source them out and post them in their blogs.

Me? I just post my daily rantings, emails (so as to keep within my allocated size limit) and link up to posts or websites that are interesting or useful. I sure hope that the links are interesting and useful 😀

Now, I was browsing through The New Paper online in my office this morning when one of the articles caught my eye, Brother hit Then, within a day… sister hit. The title sounds ominous. I began reading and didn't really notice the photo of the brother and sister who had been infected with dengue. Reading halfway through, I noticed that the pair was actually my cousins. I knew that they had been hit with dengue. However, what I didn't know was that they had been interviewed. The article was published on 23 June, 2006. I don't have the habit of buying TNP because there are simply too many advertisements.

The poor pair had to go through needles and blood tests. I shudder to have the idea of having more than 1 needle in me. My aunt had just returned from visiting my youngest aunt when she heard the news. She rushed from the airport to the CDC almost immediately. The thing is that they didn't interview my aunt who did the shuttling everyday. Instead, their dad got the honours because he had made for them a note. I must say the note was very funny, the mosquito was hugely drawn with "Welcome home, we miss you". 姨丈,没想到你这么肉麻。However, that was sweet of him.



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