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How Would They Survive This? June 21, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts, Relationships.

The New Paper published an appalling (to me anyway) article on a 28-year-old rapist who wished to marry his 21-year-old victim. It can interpretated that he wants to escape punishment. The judge told him that marriage is not a joke. Which I would agree. I'd like to quote the judge: If you marry someone you don't love, you're just making that person suffer.

He was granted time to discuss the wedding plans with the victim's family although he had pleaded not guilty to the rape charges. The victim may be soiled goods but I don't think it's the way to right a wrong. The judge also said that once he's free from the charge, he could divorce her within a month. What would happen to the wife/victim then?

There was a similar case (Dec 2004) whereby a 20-year-old rapist announced that he wanted to marry his 13-year-old victim just before his trial was about to start. Talk about escaping the punishment. The victim had written a letter to drop the charges. At the age of 13 in 2004, I wonder how she felt. Did she have a lowered esteem? However, further updates from this case is unknown.

The trauma from such cases have varying degrees of destruction of self-esteem for the victims. Some are able to pick up themselves and carry on with their lives but their viewpoints have changed somewhat and they are more wary of men. Some will have nightmares haunting them for the rest of their lives, unable to cope with it. Others may just end up in self-denial unable to look after themselves, they may even end up with split personalities. The most pitiful outcome is that these victims may never be able to have proper relationships with opposite gender, be it work or personal.



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