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Health Problems June 19, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Family, Health and Fitness.

I had been meaning to go to the library yesterday however, my grandma sufferred a minor stroke so I shelved the idea. I was prepared to go with my mum to visit her when my mum suffered a sprained back in the morning. Her back was aching the whole day and I applied some ointment on it for her.

She ended up sleeping most of the day and walking around with a bad hunch each time she got up from the sofa or from sitting down just for 15 minutes. Today, she went to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor just gave her some painkillers and other medicine which I don't know for what purpose.

She had some anaesthetic injected and laid down on the hospital bed for 2 hours before the effect kicked in. I asked if she had told the doctor that it wasn't the 1st time this had happened before. She did. Well, if by Wednesday her back hasn't recovered, I think I might take the family care leave to accompany her and demand some sort of scanning to be done. The x-rays done previously couldn't reveal anything so some other sort of scan would help to discover what sort of problem it is.

Although the doctor told her it was something to do with muscle, I somehow doubt it. Something is wrong when you keep spraining your back just from bending down to put the small stack of newspapers and trying to stand up straight later.

At least my grandma is now at home and not in hospital. I hope to be able to visit her this weekend. Stroke is not a light matter.



1. - June 20, 2006

Maybe it’s the way she put the newspaper down. In correct posture.

I think I sprain my back as well while working out in the gym a few days ago. Still waiting for it to heal though. Don’t think there’s any medicine that will help.

Maybe you can try the muscle heat or something. Might help.

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