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The World has Gone Soccer Mad June 13, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in General Sports, Health and Fitness, Television.

The Fifa World Cup has started. Almost everyone is talking about it. Those fans are watching it. Even Digital Life has everything about it, from getting the scores to interviewing the fans.

I am in the league of the females where I don't care a hoot about soccer. Yeah, sure, David Beckham is handsome but he doesn't appeal to me. I don't know why, maybe because of the reports that he is not faithful. I prefer faithful men. Like Keanu Reeves *swoon* I know, I know, he's 40 but he still has that strong charisma about him.

Anyway, back to the soccer thingy, I feel neglected of sorts. Everything now is about soccer, that ball covered with black and white hexagons. Sounds like GSS has been covered over. No one is talking about it except I think the happiest people are those selling the plasma TVs, TVs, LCD TVs, etc. I'm not sure about the sound systems though. Maybe it's not the most important part. The visual is most important for soccer fans. They want to see everything.

I think it's the only language that soccer fans will ever understand. Fans will understand each other even if they don't speak a common language. Just like those fans of Bae Yong Joon, Lee Dong Gun, Jang Nara, and other Korean stars whose names I can't pronounce.

Maybe I will never understand my sister who is a fan of almost every possible thing that I am not a strong fan of. For example, her love to buy Backstreet Boys at one time, later one Code Red, Boyzone, now, Sun Ho. She will buy some things that I will never buy and I will buy some things which she will never buy. People spend money in different ways. Some people can bear to part their money to buy music albums of their favourite singers/bands, others buy gadgets and still others attend concerts/musicals.

Currently, fans are willing to buy the very expensive tickets to watch World Cup live. Those who can't afford the tickets, justify the purchase of new TV sets that replace the "spoilt" ones.



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