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Relationships Are Complex June 12, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Relationships, Romance/ Love.

Well, I don't need that advice, obviously. However, this made me think and laugh. Well, I'm not being rude by laughing. It's just that it has reached the stage where the men need help and shown the different ways of chasing a girl. 36 different ways some more.

All I can say is that relationships can be complex. Maybe for me. We're always learning the ropes while doing anything. There's advice on patching up, male and female versions and break up, male and female versions.

Seems like we need advice ranging from staying as friends with exes, dating, office romance, moving on after breakups, rebounds, etc.

It also seems that it's a lot easier to find information although we may be overloaded with so many information, not knowing which advice is best. However, somehow, we will overcome the obstacles and learn from past mistakes. We will always hope that the current relationship works because it's tiring to look for someone else again.

Maybe what we should be doing is to look at ourselves and then our partners and think, "Do I love him/her for who he/she is?" Will we change ourselves for our partners?  We worry that if we change, our partners will not like it. Some even try to change you back. Maybe that's why we have pre-marriage and marriage counsellers.



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